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Costa Rica is well known for it's reputation as a haven for wildlife. It has one of the largest concentrations of protected conservation areas in the world. The country enjoys a worldwide reputation as a 'flagship' model for how wildlife and ecotourism can work for and not against a country's future. As a wildlife lover I was in heaven. Even the non-protected areas are teeming with fascinating wildlife and natural systems at work. Most of the images here (including the surfers!) were shot in the wilder, south-west corner of the country, on the Pacific coast. The area just to the north of the Panama border is still occupied by indigenous peoples and is a sanctuary for many species suffering elsewhere. Corcovado national Park on the Osa Peninsula is thought to be the wildest park in the country, with a growing population of jaguars living there. National Geographic magazine has called Corcovado 'The most biologically intense places on earth, in terms of biodiversity.' I had to go!

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