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Nepal, for me, is defined by it’s colour, it’s children and it’s mountains. The utterly awesome landscapes are visually spectacular but also humbling, terrifying, peaceful and sometimes all of these at once. The people who we met here are vibrant and full of life and love, yet always tempered. The Tibetan Buddhist influence on Sherpa people in Sagarmatha manifests itself in people who live a life of relative restraint and of tempered emotion. I felt it was profoundly different to the western outlook of thrill seeking, whether that be financially, sexually or in our constant scrambling around for the next best thing. In truth it was profoundly eye-opening to discover that (it seemed to me at least) there are people here who live simply and contentedly. All the more extraordinary considering the huge devastation from the 2015 earthquake and ongoing political issues with both India to the south and China to the north. The place is wonderful and extraordinary!

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